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This desk couldn't be better !! Plenty of rack space and work area built fast and sturdy just like they said . Really good craftsmanship fits perfect in my home studio ...!!!



Jason Krause


I really appreciate the craftsmanship behind this desk.

It’s hard to focus on creating, when you don’t have a functional workspace! 

The assembly was no sweat as well. I would highly recommend...



“I recently bought the Producer Studio Desk from Sound Dog Music and wanted to share my impressions. The desk is beautifully crafted from quality materials designed to last a lifetime. I took a cabinet making course when I was younger and I can tell that this desk cabinetry was built and assembled by a master craftsman. The top laminate, wood trim, and the cabinets are silky smooth with perfect seams and no sharp edges.  Everything about this desk fits like an exquisite glove.  The desk drawers are solid and there’s plenty of space to store cables and other studio accessories. The drawer rails allow for full extension of the drawers giving you full access to the contents. The height is perfect and there’s plenty of leg room underneath. What I really love about this desk are the monitor pedestals which raise the monitors to a perfect height that’s in line with your ears.  The angled design of the desk is ideal for this purpose. Under each pedestal and cabinet, there are rails for a total of 30 pieces of standard rack gear. With the angled design of the cabinets and open back there’s plenty of room for running your cables without breaking your back and it allows for heat to flow out so your gear stays cool without being trapped inside like other desk designs. The top is roomy and has a lot space for additional gear you may wish to use.  There’s even spare room for a lava lamp or two!


The desk was packaged with the same level of care and attention to detail as the construction of the desk, the top, pedestals, and the cabinets were all protected with Styrofoam blankets.  The desk was shipped fully assembled in a solid crate for maximum protection.  Even the crate was built with the same level of excellence.  Everything fits flawlessly again giving testament to the fine craftsmanship of Sound Dog Music. When I uncrated my desk my first impression was that this company truly takes pride in their work. I bought the keyboard slide out platform that attaches under the desk but I’ve not had an opportunity to mount it yet.


I can tell you that this desk is absolutely gorgeous and commands respect.  It’s a true joy to sit and work on music production.  It just leaves you with a feeling of full satisfaction knowing you bought a very high quality product and it leaves you feeling motivated and inspired when working on music production .




Thanks again for the fine product



“I love the desk I bought from Randy and his crew.  It’s both functional and stylish and built like a tank.  It was really easy to put together as well.
I can almost always find something to bitch about but not here, not with this desk.  It’s the best furniture investment I made in years and I couldn’t be happier with it.”
Ian Meyers
Lake Worth, Florida

Sound Dog Music


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